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Lash Extensions To Achieve Long & Fullers Eyelashes

The lashes industry is constantly evolving, and this has been particularly evident in the last few years. And when it comes to your eyes, your eyelash artist needs to be a confident trained expert. 

At MadaLashes Studio, I want everyone to love my work, so I always give my clients the support and advice they need, for however long they need.


Classic Lashes

With classic Eyelash Extensions, you will look just great. Classic Eyelash Extensions are a 1:1 bond. This means that for each natural eyelash, a customer will get 1 eyelash extension.


Volume Lashes

Ready to simplify your morning routine with the volume eyelash extensions? To keep your lashes looking beautiful, I recommend coming in every two weeks for regular refills. 


Lash Care

It is always about my clients, not about me. When it comes to taking care of your eyelash extension, my clients get the best professional services possible. It is what I aim to offer – the extraordinary.

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Long eyelashes look simply beautiful...

Makeup essentials are different, but eye makeup is one of the indispensable to enhance the overall look. Long lashes look catchier…

There are so many options that we can really create many different looks by utilising one style of lashes for a full, natural look or by combining styles to create even longer and thicker lashes.

Give an exciting appearance to your eyelashes using MadaLashes Studio Services.


You can be even more attractive then you are...

These days, customers want to deck up their eyes to turn heads in a party, wedding, or just about a social gathering they are invited to. Therefore, as a professional eyelash artist, I have a lot of responsibility to make things work in their favour.

For me, things are even more challenging… It is absolutely crucial to have my own signature within the beauty industry, to build my own identity, to get ahead in the game. For me, it’s all about passion.

I always want to be one step ahead of my competitors, paying immense attention to the latest trends in the magical universe of eyelashes.

All this, because I really want you to have the most magnetic eyelashes, the most catching eyes … You are my client, you deserve that.

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